Damascusroad Pomeranians Litter Photos

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Colt and Gabby Litter Arrived April 11, 2004
There was one boy and one girl in this litter.

There is nothing available from this litter to anyone not on our waiting list.

(Colt is Charotte's half brother - same Sire)

BIS Can/Am CH. Chriscendo Call to Arms ROM

Colt was bred and is owned by Chris & John Heartz


(just days before her first litter was due)

Bavanew's Gabby on Damascusroad

Click here to view Gabby's page

. . . Click here to view pedigree for this litter

. . . Click here to view full sibling to this litter

Group Photos

One week old

The little boy, Tucker is the lighter of the two

About two weeks old


Two and a half weeks old

Tucker will be orange, Taylor will be sable

Taylor looks to be a nicely marked B&T, but that's the way Holly (full sister) looked at her age

and she is a sable so I'm assuming Taylor will be the same color


Three weeks old

Isn't that cute, cuddled up together like that


About 4 weeks old


Tucker beating his sister up


Tucker and Taylor are about 7 weeks old in these photos
(and looking a mite scruffy)

Playing with the cat toy, and one of the cats . . . they both love the cats

Damascusroad Dream of Tucson

Two and a half weeks old


Three weeks old

Now there's one laid-back little puppy . . . isn't he a sweetheart!


Five weeks old


Tucker's not into that table stuff yet, LOL


Seven weeks old

Yeah, I know . . . its tiny, but its the only one I have at that age


Eight weeks old
(He still doesn't like the table much . . . but he's getting better LOL)

Not a great photo ... but you can see his face!

Tucker has his own page now, and that is the one that will most likely be kept up-to date.
. . .  Click here to go to Tucker's page


Swiss, Int'l CH Damascusroad Dream of Tahiti

Taylor, who is four years old in this photo, finished her Swiss Championship in June 2008

Taylor is owned by Sabine Jorg of Pikatchu Pomeranians in Switzerland

Taylor is littermate to Tucker (Can/Rus CH Damascusroad Dream of Tucson) and full sister to our darling Holly

She finished her Swiss Championship at the two day International Dogshow in Luzern winning CAC/CACIB/BOS both days.

She became an International Champion when she got her last needed CACIB Nov 22/08 in Cremona (I) Italy :-)


Baby Pictures of Taylor

About two weeks old


Three weeks old

Poor little girl, she fell out of the box


Five weeks old


Shucks! I can do the table stuff ~ don't know what your problem is Tucker!


Seven weeks old




Eight weeks old

In  jail waiting for the photo shoot to begin . . . and not very happy about it.

Three Months Old

Having a snooze on the scale . . . she's at Karen Chism's in these photos

Enjoying, and being enjoyed by Karen's grandchildren

. . . they're all pretty cute, don't you think!


Taylor ~ 3 1/2 months old


Taylor ~ 5 months old

. . . in the monkies and looking a tad scruffy from being chewed on by the other puppies

. . . playing with her half-sister Secret in this photo

Taylor ~ 9 months old

Finally coating up a bit . . . cute butt shot too LOL

Taylor at maturity ~ Four years old

out of coat in this photo, just after her first littter, the lovely little black and tan boy below


Flip is 8 weeks old in the first two photos, 14 weeks old in the first photo below and at muturity in the second photo

Taylor and this little boy are owned by Sabine Jörg  of Switzerland

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