Damascusroad Pomeranians Litter Photos

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Brooke/Colt litter arrived May 7, 2006
There are 3 boys and 1 little girl in this litter! The proud parents are pictured below.

(Colt is sire of Brooke's half-beother Andy)

BIS Can/Am CH. Chriscendo Call to Arms ROMX

Colt was bred and is owned by Christine & John Heartz

Click here to view Colt's page and pedigree


(Brooke, pictured at 3 months is an Ellie daughter)

CH. Damascusroad Deepsea Stream
Group Placement/Puppy Group winner, Brooke is pictured at 3 months

Click here to view Brooke's page and pedigree

Click Here to view Pedigree for this litter, all orange

We are proud to introduce the newest Damascusroad kids
Harrison, Henry, Harley and Hope


Group Photos

The first day

Proud Mom with her first little boy . . . in a mess but looking quite pleased with herself :-)



the little girl is the biggest one weighing 4.1 oz at birth . . . the boys weighed 3.3, 3.5 and 3.9 oz


Eight Days . . .


Nearly two weeks old . . .


badly out of coat but very proud Mom Brooke with her babies


Three weeks old

a basket full of puppies

Some group shots of the babies nearly 5 weeks old ~ Click Here



Damascusroad Ocean Harlequin


Harley 3 days old



Harley 2 weeks old



Harley three weeks old



Harley four weeks old   

Harley nearly 6 weeks old
(he was really sleepy and very uncooperative)

Harley 6 weeks old
just had his first bath so thought I'd take some photos . . . he hates photo shoots
Harley 2 months old

Not very cooperative on the table!

Keeps moving his back foot!

Harley has his own page now. Click Here to go there!



Damascusroad Oceans of Pekoe


Harrison 3 days old

the tiniest one in the litter



Harrison 9 days old

this is one laid back little puppy :-)


Harrison 2 weeks old

I just love this little doll . . . he's the smallest one in the litter and such a sweetheart, he's just so cute and cuddly



Harrison 3 weeks old


not very cooperative this time LOL



Harrison 4 weeks old


Not really in the mood for pictures today, he said.


Harrison nearly 6 weeks old


Harrison 2 months old

This little guy hates the table . . .


. . . but watch him go on the ground


Harrison 4 months old


Christmas 2006 ~ 7 or 8 months old



Harrison nearly two years old

how's this for pretty!




Damascusroad Ocean for Toby


Henry 3 days old



Henry 2 weeks old


sad sack Henry, with a face to die for ~ I really love this boy's face


Henry three weeks old


first ear trim and he didn't sit very still as you can imagine LOL


Henry four weeks old



Henry 6 weeks old



Henry 5 months old

Angie on the left . . .  Angie is mother to Hannah and Becky, Buster and Annie




Port. CH Damascusroad Oceans of Hope


Hope 3 days old



Hope 2 weeks old

now how sweet is that LOL


Hope three weeks old

not really in the mood for photos today she said :-)





Hope four weeks old


Hope 6 weeks old


Hope 6 weeks old


Hope 2 months old

Hope has her own page now . . . Click here

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