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About Us

Home to five consecutive generations of Champion Bitches and breeder of

Multiple Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show, Best Puppy in Show and Best Puppy in Specialty Show Champion Pomeranians including

the #1 Pomeranian in France for 2005; #1 Pom in France 2008; #1 Pom in Belgium 2008;

#1 Pom in Malaysia 2011; #1 Bitch in Malaysia in 2011; #1 Pom in Malaysia 2012; #1 Pom in the Philippines in 2012; and

the oldest Pomeranian bitch in breed history to finish her Canadian Championship, all owner handled at the age of 13 years!


Every good breeding program begins with a good foundation . . .

These three beautiful dogs (Emily, Evan and their daughter Ellie) are the foundation of all of our past, most of our current and all of our future breeding program ~ its a rare Damascusroad pedigree these days that doesn't feature these three dogs at least once:



CH Damascusroad's Joyful Noise

(pictured at 13 years of age)


BIS CH. Chinadoll's Avenger
(multiple group and BIS winner)


CH Damascusroad's Lady Eleanor ROMX
(mother of 9 champions and two #1 Poms)

  • CH Emily, our foundation bitch, became a New Champion at 13 under Toy Breeder judges including Shirley Limoges who judged at Westminster and highly respected Hans Brunotte who placed her in his group — what more can we say! She is so lovely.

  • CH Evan, our beautiful Best in Show/Multiple Group winning  foundation stud.

  • CH Ellie, an Emily/Evan daughter, our top producing bitch and  mother to the #1 Pom in France in both 2005 and 2008 (two littermate brothers, Andy and Niko) as well as the #1 Pomeranian in Belgium in 2008 — mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to most of our current breeding stock.

We believe that the bitches are the backbone of any good breeding program!

          Damascusroad is home to five generations of line-bred champion bitches.         


We are Pomeranian breeders by choice and not necessity ~ breeding Pomeranians is not a business at Damascusroad, it is a hobby and a passion. We are also a small kennel by choice, believing that quality and not quantity is what really counts in a breeding program. This means that we breed very few litters each year, and each breeding is carefully planned with a view to producing better puppies each and every time and hopefully making a long term contribution to improving the quality of the breed. For each breeding, we use the best stud available for that girl ~ whether we happen to own the stud or not. If we need to correct something, and we think someone else's stud can do that better than our own, then we don't hesitate to incur the shipping costs and stud fees. No expense is spared in producing and raising each and every Damascusroad litter.


We breed for what we like in a Pomeranian within the context of North American breed standards (CKC and AKC). We like a dog that is sound in mind and body, and breed for structure, type, movement, good health and excellent temperaments.  And we love pretty heads, huge coats and good movement. We breed for beauty that truly is more than skin deep. At Damascusroad Pomeranians you really can judge a book by its cover!


We don't breed a lot of colors, preferring the orange and red colors, and the sable and black and tan patterns. This, of course, is just a personal preference and one that reflects our belief that in a small kennel such as ours with limited time and a small number of dogs, you simply can't do all things well, including colors. So we stick to these colors and patterns with relatively few exceptions. In 2010, we bred some of our girls to Denzel (MBIS BISS Am/Can CH Finchs You're So Special N Blk) winner of the 2010 APC Nationals in Kentucky, grandson of both Parker and Colt, and a double Travis G-Grandson). We did get some interesting colors, so we'll see where this takes us :-)


Our Pomeranians are first and foremost well-loved family pets that we have the pleasure of showing and, occasionally breeding - usually about 5 or 6 litters a year (some years, more than others) from which we occasionally have puppies available for show, breeding or pet. Reservations are recommended as we do have a waiting list. You can view our latest arrivals on our Litter Announcements page, but please note that a litter announcement rarely means that puppies are available from the litter. Often, puppies are spoken for before they are born so if you are interested in one of our puppies, it is recommended that you get on our waiting list. You can see how some of our puppies grow out by clicking here. And you can see our most recent champions by clicking here.

Our "Kennel"

Our "kennel" is our home. You can see the home environment in which our dogs live on our Fun Photos page; the room pictured there is basically our 27x16 family/TV/computer room downstairs. We have a huge bathroom, hall and grooming room just off this room. I spend a lot of time there with some of the dogs, and my daughter spends a lot of time upstairs with some of them as well.


Where we're located

We are located in eastern Canada  on just over an acre of  land in a lovely country. We live in a small community about an hour from  an International Airport.

Some of Our Accomplishments

Damascusroad is home to five consecutive generations of Champion Bitches, including ROMX bitches. Some of our girls have produced multiple litters in which all puppies (as many as four) became champions, some in multiple countries. We have also produced litters in which all puppies not only became champions in multiple countries but also BEST IN SHOW winners. We have bred:

  • Multiple Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show, Best Puppy in Show and Best Puppy in Specialty Show Champion Pomeranians including

  • #1 Pomeranian in France for 2005;

  • #1 Pom in France 2008;

  • #1 Pom in Belgium 2008;

  • #1 Pom in Malaysia 2011;

  • #1 Bitch in Malaysia in 2011;

  • #1 Pom in Malaysia 2012;

  • #1 Pom in the Philippines in 2012; and

  • the oldest Pomeranian bitch in breed history to finish her Canadian Championship, all owner handled at the age of 13 years!

Our Club Memberships


We are active members of:

  • the Canadian Kennel Club which is the national breed registry for purebred dogs in Canada; 

  • the Pomeranian Club of Canada which is the national Pomeranian breed club 
         - I am Webmaster for the PCOC (www.pcoc.net ) and have been since 2000
         - former Director for the Atlantic Region
         - former Vice President 
         - President 2005/06 followed by a two year term as Past President; 
         - President 2008/09 and 2009/10
         - as of June 2005, I also am Editor of the Club's Official Publication, Pomeranians in Canada

  • the American Pomeranian Club, which is the national Pomeranian breed club in the United States.

  • other local and regional clubs over the years

We subscribe to a number of breed and all-breed magazines, including:

  • Pomeranian Review, the official publication of the American Pomeranian Club 

  • The Pom Reader, also an American publication (defunct as of 2012); and

  • Pomeranians in Canada, the official publication of the Pomeranian Club of Canada

  • Canine Review, Canadian animal publication keeping dog show exhibitors in Canada and the United States informed on show rings.

We were  honored with full length features in:

  • the Pom Reader in 2005; and

  • Pomeranians in Canada in  2007

Our Breeding Program

Our breeding program builds upon the famous Millamor and Chriscendo lines as you can see from the pedigrees of our current breeding stock and the puppies that we have bred over the years. In particular, we line-breed on Chriscendo's foundation stud: Multiple BIS Am/Bda/Can CH. Millamor's Rock Medallion ROMX  and through Medallion's sons, BIS CAN/AM CH. Chriscendo Calvin Klein ROMX,  CH Chriscendo Castle Rock and Medallion's son Bavanew's Top Gun ROMX, a Calvin Klein son.  These lovely little dogs, like their sire Medallion, exemplify the type of Pomeranian we strive to produce. If you look at the pedigree of our foundation bitch CH Emily and our foundation stud BIS CH Evan , you will see that these three dogs are quite dominant, especially in the third and fourth generations.


While we firmly believe in line breeding, we also select for type within the line. As Lloyd C. Brackett, the world famous GSD breeder who produced more than 90 champions in only 12 years, stated: "Experience has shown that if more than mere multiplication is to be had, and any real and lasting results toward breed improvement are to be obtained, a breeder must use a system of line breeding, which not only combines animals very similar in their characteristics but narrows the pedigree to a few closely related lines of descent. This "purifies" the pedigree rapidly and enables a breeder to control, to some degree, all characteristics. It discourages variability and reduces it to a minimum." He also wrote: "Physical compensation is the foundation rock upon which all enduring worth must be built. A line bred pedigree is valuable or dangerous in exact proportion as the individuals have been selected. Line breeding does not replace selection but, on the contrary, demands the most discriminating choosing within the line." We don't just breed paper, we breed type within the line.

Our studs

Generally, we have used outside studs in order to keep our numbers small.  We don't keep many studs, usually only one or two at a time, since there are plenty of good studs available at other kennels that we have ready access to. Lately, we keep the boys long enough to finish their Canadian Championship and breed a litter or two before they go to their new show homes ~ but not always. If we like what our studs produce (for us or their breeder, in the case of purchasing a proven stud) and think they can contribute to improving the breed, we "may" very occasionally make them available to other kennels on a limited basis but we have very stringent requirements for the cleanliness and health of incoming bitches (email us for a copy of our stud service contract) ~ there are no exceptions to the requirements, it doesn't matter who you are, how well we know you, or how well known you are, so please do not ask. We will not under any circumstances put our own dogs at risk to service an outside bitch. Also, before our studs are used in our own breeding program, or at public stud, they are thoroughly health checked (e.g., eyes, ears, heart, lungs, kidney, liver, thyroid, lymph nodes, knees, and so on). This applies to all our breeding stock. Please click here to see the current availability of studs at Damascusroad.

Health checks

All our breeding stock is health checked as a matter of routine before they are used in our breeding program. This applies to dogs we keep from our own breeding program as well as dogs imported from other kennels into our breeding program. Moreover, you can rest assured that we do not use dogs/bitches in our breeding program that have, or have produced, serious health problems ~ no matter how much we may have paid to acquire the dog/bitch and what the cost implications are for eliminating it from our breeding program. Thankfully, we've had only one very bad experience with an imported bitch producing puppies with health problems with three different studs in four different litters (one-eyed puppies, puppies with PDA, puppies that developed BSD, puppies with no testicles, etc). The bitch, who had cost us a very significant sum, was spayed and placed as a pet, as were all of the offspring, including the apparently normal girl who'd finished her championship from the Junior Puppy class. We kept nothing from this very expensive bitch. We do not knowingly breed health problems!

Our Puppies

Our puppies are not perfect, but most of them are pretty darn cute ~ see for yourself on our Promising Puppies page, our Litter Photos or our Puppies Growing Up page. And we do have pictures on our website of all our puppies for the last few years, whether they are pet or show. You can also see our latest Champions on our New Champions page ~ we had four finish in 2004, four in 2005, and five in 2006 to the 2nd of July ~ our 13 year old foundation bitch Emily was the fifth. We also currently have several others out being shown in different parts of the world and will soon have another four out in Canada. Watch our New Champions page for the latest news on this topic. We don't finish a lot of puppies each year, but we don't breed a lot either so our finish rate is fairly high.


None of our dogs are kenneled as a matter of routine, including our puppies. They all live in the house with us. Our puppies are home raised in the kitchen/dining room area, the highest traffic area in the house since its right off the living room (see picture above). Here, the puppies are raised underfoot, and are often picked up, hugged and kissed. For this reason, all of our dogs/puppies are well  socialized and have superior temperaments. Our dogs occasionally do some pen time, but the pens for the puppies  are located in the kitchen/dining area, as shown in one of the pictures above, while some of the adults are in our so-called kennel (click here to view pictures) where I spend a lot of time. The dogs are only in these pens for their own safety when we are not at home . . . that's not often since Carol works full-time at home looking after the dogs.


All inquiries are welcome, but we do have waiting lists, so you may need to be patient. Click here if you would like to view our latest litter information, including planned breedings and new arrivals. This page is updated regularly.

Our Sales Policy

All our puppies are microchipped, vaccinated and health checked before they leave our premises. The results of their final pre-shipping health check are recorded on their veterinary files by our veterinarian of 20+ years and on their pet health record which accompanies them when they leave. You will be obligated by our contract to verify the health of your Damascusroad puppy/dog within 72 hours of arrival at destination (or of taking physical possession of the puppy if you choose pick up the puppy yourself) and advise us of the results. Failure to do this will void all your warranties. We advise you to prearrange, well in advance, a consultation with your veterinarian expressly for that purpose.

You can rest assured that we do not knowingly use dogs/bitches in our breeding program that have, or have produced, serious health problems ~ no matter how much we may have paid to acquire the dog/bitch and what the cost implications are for eliminating it from our breeding program. But we often use outside studs that we have no first-hand knowledge of from a health perspective.

Show Quality Puppies:


We don't sell anything for show that we don't think is good enough to keep ourselves if we had room.
We will objectively evaluate the dog's conformation and will be honest with you about any shortcomings. Pictures will fairly represent the dog, so you will have every opportunity to decide if you like the dog before it is shipped. Any shortcomings will be disclosed in the contract or by email prior to shipping so you will have the option of making a decision. We do our very best to make sure there are no surprises.


We stand behind everything that we sell (genetic health and conformation) with limited and/or fee-based optional warranties – nothing comes with a lifetime warranty, especially not a dog!
If we sell it for show, we stand behind it with a replacement guarantee under terms specified in our contract!


Conformation Warranty:

Our show puppies are guaranteed free of major and/or disqualifying faults according to the American Kennel Club (or in Canada, the Canadian Kennel Club) breed standard at time of shipping; bites and testicles are guaranteed to one year of age. You will have 72 hours from time of the dog’s arrival to assess its conformation and return for a refund within 7 days under terms specified in our contract if you are not satisfied. After that time, the conformation guarantee covers bites and testicles only and replacement is the only option – and that only upon return of the original dog.


Health Warranty:

You have 72 hours from the time the dog arrives at destination to have your dog vet checked to verify its health status and validate your warranty. If you are not satisfied with the results of the vet check, you must notify us immediately - not more than 7 days after the dog's arrival at destination.When buying/selling dogs both buyer and seller recognize and acknowledge that no dog is perfect and that there is a possibility of unknown genetic and/or congenital (i.e., there at birth but not necessarily genetic) defects at time of sale which may present at a later time. The risk of genetic/congenital defect is recognized in most of our contracts with a one-year-from-date-of-sale warranty for young puppies.  The date of sale is the date you sign the contract and/or make a first payment whether this is payment in full or in part, whichever comes first. If a genetic and/or congenital defect presents within the warranty period, we will replace the dog in accordance with the terms of our contract upon return of the original dog. Please note that replacement is the only option and the original dog must be returned.


Exclusion Clauses


Coat Loss (commonly known as Alopecia X/BSD)

Coat loss is a breed issue and not a breeder issue although it is known to run in some lines more than others suggesting there may be a predisposition. It is your responsibility to research which lines they are and avoid them if you wish. We often use outside studs that we have not seen and therefore cannot guarantee their coat history. There are many things which can cause hair loss or Alopecia in dogs: Hypothyroidism; Cushing’s Disease; Addison’s Disease; contact and/or generalized allergies and/or food intolerance; excessive female estrogen (usually found in recently neutered males); stress; fleas; mites; mange; unknown (usually labeled “Black Skin Disease). These should be investigated before a diagnosis of Alopecia X (or BSD) is rendered.

We will replace a puppy that does not change puppy coat for adult coat by 18 months of age provided it  has not been bred. Beyond that, we offer a fee-based optional extended warranty against Alopecia X (sometimes referred to as BSD) provided the dog has not been used for breeding before it is three years of age. If you do not purchase this warranty, there will be an exclusion clause in the contract and you will have no guarantee against Alopecia X or BSD. By signing our contract you are agreeing with this policy.



There is also an exclusion clause on knees/patellas. Knees/patellas are not guaranteed beyond normal function and are guaranteed at time of sale/shipment only as injury can result in patella issues at a later date. The normal function of knees/patellas is verified by our veterinarian within a few days of shipment and noted on their file. It may also be verified by the Championship status of the dog you buy - a dog that does not have normally functioning patellas cannot walk properly and therefore cannot finish its championship. You have 72 hours from the time the dog arrives at destination to have your dog vet checked and notify us within 7 days if you are not satisfied. After that period there is no recourse on knees. When you sign our contract you agree with this policy.


72 Hour Refund/Return Policy
You will have 72 hours from the time your puppy arrives at the airport to which it is shipped to evaluate it from a health, temperament and conformation perspective and decide if you want to keep it. You must have the dog health checked in this period at your own expense and inform us of any issues or concerns within 7 days. Failure to procure this health check will invalidate any and all warranties on the dog. If you decide you don't want the dog for any reason, you can send it back for a refund or replacement in accordance with the terms of our contract within 7 days from date of shipment.  There are non-refundables as agreed to in our contract, and buyer is responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses related to the sale including round-trip shipping. The original dog must be returned – see note below.


A note on our refund/replacement guarantee: No refund will be provided, no adjustment to price will made nor will a replacement dog be provided under any circumstances or for any reason unless and until the original dog is returned to us at your expense accompanied by its official registration and pedigree documents, and all original health documents that you received with the dog. We will not take any compensatory action unless you return the original dog! This stipulation in our return/refund policy is reflected in all our contracts. The original dog must be returned before we will take any compensatory or remedial action no matter what conformation or health defect is claimed for the dog. If you do not wish to return the original dog, that is your decision. But please understand that refusal to return the original dog in accordance with the terms of our contract and sales policy voids your health and conformation warranty. You may keep the dog OR have a refund/replacement, but not both.


An Offer of a Damascusroad Puppy:

All puppies are offered by email, usually following an email and/or telephone discussion. If we offer you a puppy, you will have 24-hours to accept the puppy under the terms offered or to begin a discussion of terms. If we do not hear from you in that time, the offer will no longer be valid and the puppy will be considered available.


Waiting Lists

We have so few puppies each year that we no longer keep waiting lists, for either pet or show puppies. After we meet our own needs, available puppies are pretty much on a "first come, first served" basis these days. Deposits are required to hold a puppy for you. Puppies will not be held without a deposit. All deposits are fully refundable if something goes wrong with the puppy, but are non-refundable if you cancel for any reason.


Pet Puppies:

All puppies placed as pets are microchipped, up-to-date on their vaccinations and health checked prior to delivery. A signed CKC Non-Breeding Agreement is required for all pet puppies before registration papers are provided.


Difference Between a Pet and a Show Puppy

There's usually not a whole lot of difference between pet and show puppies — and most often, it's not something  a pet buyer would notice. And it definitely has nothing to do with the health of the puppy. For instance, a little girl may be too small to be bred, so will go as a pet. A male may have an undescended testicle so can't be bred, and it will go as a pet.


Refund/Return Policy and Health Guarantee on Pet Puppies

Our pet puppies come with a 30-day refund/return guarantee (100% refund days 1-15 days after sale and 75% refund days 16-30 days after sale). It doesn't matter why you return the puppy, you don't even have to give a reason. There is also a written one-year genetic health replacement-guarantee. Replacement is the only option and the original dog must be returned.  In this regard, please see our note above. Shipping and any other out-of-pocket expenses on original and any replacement dog are the responsibility of the buyer.


We will take our dogs back at any time, at any age. Our philosophy is that if you don't want our dog, then we don't want you to have it. And we assume responsibility for its entire life. If a dog needs to be re-homed, then we prefer to do that ourselves. And if we can't find a suitable home, we'll keep it.


That's pretty much it for our Sales Policy. Everything else is just detail that is included in our sales contract.


Pricing Policy:

Puppies are priced individually according to quality, sex, age at which the puppy will be shipped, whether or not the puppy has a championship title, and the complexity and cost of requirements for shipping to your country. When you purchase one of our puppies, you get not just the puppy but the benefit of all the years we've spent getting to this point in our breeding program, and the enormous investment of time, energy and money we've made in our dogs over the years. That will be reflected in the price you can expect to pay. Please contact us for information about pricing.

In addition to the price of the puppy, there is a flat rate fee which covers just about everything else except shipping in most cases. Please write us for a list of what's included in this fee.

You are what you eat and your dog is too

We believe this to be true, and this belief is reflected in our feeding regimen. Our puppies are weaned and raised on the same diet that our adults are fed ~ weaning is a natural process at Damascusroad, not an induced process. To learn more about our natural feeding regimen, please click here. To learn why we don't feed a diet that consists solely of kibble, please click here to visit our About Pet Food page.

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